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Designed with movement in mind, Ovation draws inspiration from iconic transport systems of the world. A unique oval leg profile offers a sophisticated take on an office essential, with solutions for fixed and both electric and crank height adjustable desking available. From focused to collaborative, Ovation can adapt to suit any environment, with the ethos of moving people quickly and efficiently in their working environments.

Screenliner is unique acoustic desk screen designed to create a personal cabin space within the workstation. With features including integrated storage for phones, glasses, headsets and other personal effects, Screenliner provides built-in power and inductive charging facilities as well as concealed power management and ambient lighting. Meanwhile, hidden height adjustable monitor supports eliminate the fuss and clutter of yesterday’s office design.

The same Okidoki design, now with unlimited potential. Okidoki+ offers endless possibilities; with the ability to mix and match stunning timber finishes against a signature metal framework and reach lengths of over nine metres. A considered selection of natural materials and minimalist design work cohesively to achieve the rounded design theme of Okidoki, providing a smooth transition from boardroom to break-out.

Diva 1.1 – the younger sister of the beloved Diva. Showcasing the same striking wooden exterior, and featuring a cleaner, more streamlined design, Diva 1.1 offers a more cost-effective and flexible solution for the modern workplace. Commanding attention yet yielding to workplace practicalities, Diva 1.1 still blends style and substance with ease, offering a range of finishes and configurations to suit any office space.

Get creative with solid timber legs in a choice of styles, including White Ash, Walnut Stain, and White or Black Woodgrain. Set against the powdercoat colours of Okidoki’s steel and aluminum framework, the decision to complement or contrast is all yours. True to its laidback style, Okidoki provides plenty of flexibility in its shapes and finishes, with a sleek rounded design theme and choice of timber or glass top. In short, it’s one cool customer.