COVID-19 Update from Thinking Works

17 March 2020

To Our Clients,

Thinking Works has been monitoring the effects and threats of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak through updates provided by the World Health Organisation and the Australian Government Department of Health since January.  We have implemented various measures to minimise health risks to Thinking Works’ staff, our clients and visitors to Thinking Works’ facilities.  These include staff training on improving hygiene practices, minimising excessive group meetings, and being alert and considerate to others of any indication of an onset of respiratory illness, flu-like symptom or fever.

We will always be considerate of our clients’ safety.  If you need to see a consultant from Thinking Works, we are, as always, available to visit to assist on any project – you should feel confident Thinking Works’ staff have taken appropriate precautions to maximise your safety.  If you would like to use alternative meeting arrangements to face to face meetings, we understand, and we are well prepared to assist via email or telephone.

Thinking Works look forward to continuing to support you and we wish you and anyone close to you the best of health.

Dean Kuch
Managing Director