Modern Slavery Report 2019-20

22 March 2021

Globally, there is an estimated 40.3 million people living in Modern Slavery. Two thirds of Modern Slavery victims are found in the Asia-Pacific region with strong links to Australian businesses and their supply chains. We understand that Modern Slavery can happen anytime and anywhere. We also understand that addressing Modern Slavery is not only important to our company, but also to the design community, construction sector, our government and our clients.

 At Thinking Works we recognise our responsibility to combat modern slavery, and have prepared a voluntary statement to align with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth). Our statement describes the actions we have taken to detect the risk of Modern Slavery throughout our business, supply chain and operations.

We are committed to the ongoing assessment and improvement of our existing procurement practices, and to collaborating with our partners and suppliers to further reduce the risks of modern slavery and increase awareness of this serious issue.

To view our Modern Slavery Statement, please click here.