Thinking Works is taking on Zero Co’s #WORKWASTECHALLENGE

9 July 2021

2.5 million Aussie businesses buy and throw away single use plastic (SUP) bottles of things like handwash, dishwashing liquid and multi-purpose cleaner. Zero Co started the Work Waste Challenge as an initiative to try and get that number to zero and TW is ready to do our bit!

Over the next couple of weeks our current cleaning products (dish soap, hand wash, spray and wipe etc.) will be swapped out for the Zero Co bottles (made from plastic pulled out of the ocean) which are filled with cleaning product that is sent to us in refill pouches. When the refill pouches are empty, we simply pop them in a return envelope and send them back to the legends at Zero Co where they will wash and refill the refill pouches, ready to go out to the next customer. Not only are the cleaning products made from plant-based formulas (meaning they’re good for you and for the planet) but the entire delivery and return trip are completely carbon offset!